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5 strategies to overcome a negative employer brand reputation.

5 strategies to overcome a negative employer brand reputation.

RBC needed to overcome its employer brand reputation in 2013, a series of Employee Value Propositions were developed to treat each segment as a unique force for the future. One of the key players in the demographics rejecting the brand was the Canadian Youth.


  • Define an integrated employer brand platform, its employee value proposition, creative and key messages per segment.
  • We set to win the Top Employer Award for Young People as a proof point of real interest in attracting Canadian Youth.
  • Storytelling was critical in the exercise of brand reputation, a robust calendar and ambassador program was launched.
  • A change management strategy was necessary to achieve integration of a global, and complex financial institution.
  • Modernized the Careers site to connect candidate experiences.


  • Achieved 5 consecutive years of employer awards per segment before handing off the submission project to the in-house team.
  • Climbed up 25 rankings as the most desirable employer in the Top Tech Student Talent study by Universum.
  • Gained an average of $15,000 per year in free unsolicited advertising by employees.
  • The Corporate Brand team adopted the Youth employee value proposition as flagship campaign for the entire organization.
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