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Brands build futures

Employer Brand Definition

What makes you special?Define why should people join your organization.

This is a great opportunity to tell your story, the value added to the community and why you are successful. People are looking to add their talent to the purpose of organizations. At the end of this sprint, your team will be able to share a consistent, future-building, and value-based reason to join the company.

Things your team will be able to do

We will help you identify metrics that matter based on your brand, people and business strategy.

We will figure out the best way of explaining your great people programs and offerings. It results in a honest description of what you offer today and what inspires your future.

Once you have a great value proposition it is important to communicate it with creative services that align to it. People should be able to identify you through images and visial behaviours too.

It can be difficult for people to learn why a workplace can be great if there are too many good stories. It is called dilution, confusing people and ulimately making them forget what you are about. We will match the message to the segment, initiating a relationship based on mutual values are are relevant to people.

About Talenstcopic

We use our Engineering Joy™ employer brand system that integrates a suite of marketing and people frameworks including precise data from our Employer Brand Index™, Ignite Brand Briefings, EVP Alpha Workshop™, premium learning from the Employee Experience Institute™, and employee experience roadmaps sourced from the Culture Index™ Bring it all to life with our Unlimited Employer Branding package, and develop your skills with our Cloud Guides™. We know that strong employer brands have better business results and can demonstrate it.

Talentscopic helps modern workplaces manage their employer brand reputation to better attract and engage talent.