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Employer Branding

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Unlimited Employer BrandingHow it works

Accelerate your team’s readiness to solve attraction problems with throught-leadership, best practice sharing, world renowned expert advisory, proven methodologies and applied workshops.



Engineering Joy™ suite of marketing science applied to and talent attraction.



Choose your Sprint: Be foundBe chosen, or Be loved. EVP Alpha Workshop



Employee Experience Sprints with measured impact on people, brand, culture

You have an employer brand, whether you manage it or not.

We help modern workplaces deliver their message to most desired talent. We Improve your Employer Brand Reputation by helping you be found, be chosen, and be loved by candidates and employees.  Get smart and actionable updates by joining as a member.

About Talenstcopic

We use our Engineering Joy™ employer brand system that integrates a suite of marketing and people frameworks including precise data from our Employer Brand Index™, Ignite Brand Briefings, EVP Alpha Workshop™, premium learning from the Employee Experience Institute™, and employee experience roadmaps sourced from the Culture Index™ Bring it all to life with our Unlimited Employer Branding package, and develop your skills with our Cloud Guides™. We know that strong employer brands have better business results and can demonstrate it.

Talentscopic helps modern workplaces manage their employer brand reputation.