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Hire for growth

We lend our talents as plug-in partner, collaborating with your team to deliver the working knowledge you need right now.

“You will never have to worry about augmenting capacity and capability. We find talent, screen, invoice, pay, and administer them to execute projects globally.”

– Estela Vazquez

a new order at work


Profit increase at companies that invest in employee experience.

HBR MAR 2017

$700B US

Cost of loss in productivity from disengaged employees.


Engaging cultures increase in unsolicited job applications.



Job seekers say the reputation of an employer is important.


hire & engage

Hire the right people

We will find the right people, a quick list of people with relevant skills to do the job. The shortlist will be a group of talented professionals with the right aptitude to shape a winning culture.

Stay with us to engage them

Beyond recruitment, when you are ready for more, check out our expertise from sourcing to recruitment marketing, and employer branding for culture transformation. We are experts in engagement strategies.

As a business leader, you do not have enough face time with talent and the time to evaluate who is best. So you turn to agencies and outsourcing companies to do the job. Perhaps you turn to internal or external recruitment teams to help you find people. 

You may be looking for more capacity and capability. However, the current work demands require to keep your headcount down.

What if there were flexible options? Finding the right skills is just the beginning, the rapid change in the industry is demanding for rapid skill upgrade. We can keep an eye on the market and have a group of individuals ready for you. We will match what they want to your offer for a happy relationship.

We understand that articulating your people and culture is important as much as finding the right people to do the job. We have created a menu of options to reach flexible capacity and capability. 

Estela Vazquez Perez, President & CEO

We will make the best use of your time and take your requirements as we walk you through the capabilities of our solutions to best suit your needs.