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"Culture eats strategy for breakfast."

Peter Drucker

The premise

Best talent look for the best cultures to work. If you want to attract and retain this top talent you must be a top employer.

Baseline metrics

In God we trust, everyone else brings data to the table. We show you the ROI of integrated marketing sciences applied to talent management.


Super powers helps you be found, be chosen, and be loved by candidates and employees. We educate companies to improve their Employer Brand Reputation and optimize Employee Experiences, both online and onsite.

Globally Experienced Employer Reputation Management Experts to get your brand out of the bland, boring, unimaginative status quo. We are specialized, trained, and certified in people, brand, and culture. We lead the employer reputation industry.

We generate knowledge based on data and human universal truths that drive Employer Brand Reputation. Our proprietary Employer Brand Index™ is the true measure of how people find, choose and experience the workplace.

We developed proprietary methodologies that are tested and used by even the most risked-adversed organizations. Culture catalysts nudging the desired culture, identifying the right talent for today and tomorrow.

We are true workplace innovators, trained in the art of design and marketing sciences with a wealth of experience enabling in-house teams for multinationals and start-ups.

About you

You need a dedicated partner to execute on your strategy at a pace that makes sense for the business. We will make it happen and people will notice.

Your attrition rates keep you heads-down recruiting. Small talent pools make it harder for the team to search for the right candidate, just to discover that the chosen talent is not interested.

Your employee experience needs modernization, some times even a transformation. It is the only way to retain top talent.

Our advisors bring flexible learning, proven methods, and applied skills to attraction and retention problems, enabling in-house teams for multinationals and start-ups.

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