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The ROI of Employer Brand ManagementThe business of stellar employer brand experiences.

A strong Employer Brand helps you attract better candidates in terms of productivity and engagement. Here is why better-informed candidates can self-select in or our of the recruiting conversation early in the game. That saves you money when your resources can focus on a smaller and more accurate niche. If your niche is too small, th efirst engagement steps of your employer brand will generate a bigger amount of interested candidates. This is simple Marketing Science. Not sure how big is the gain? Check it out.

Consumers choose to buy from companies they trust (1)

Increased in customer satisfaction

Great onboarding secures employees retention after three years (8)

Increase applications (7)

  • 2X with eBranding
  • 1X without eBranding

Job seekers say Employer Brand reputation matters. (2)

Decrease cost per hire

Increased engagement

  • 90%
  • 55%
  • 15%

Profit increase per employee

  • $2400
  • $0

Job seekers willing to take a pay cut to work at an employer with a good reputation (3)

Increased Referrals

Better performance

  • 2X
  • 1X
1. Edelman 2015 Trust Barometer 2. Source: Glassdoor Harris Poll, April 2017 3. Increase application rate. Source: Glassdoor Internal Data, March 2017. 6. Source: Glassdoor Harris Poll, April 2017. 7. Source: Glassdoor Internal Data, September 2016 – March 2017. 8. Forbes

How to increase the Employer Brand ROI

How to increase Employer Brand ROI

  1. Providing general content to a bigger pool of candidates help them self-select in or out of the conversation with the recruiting team.
  2. Providing targeted information so candidates can match their values to the ones of the company, making them accountable for their own engagement even before they get hired.
  3. Focusing your recruiting team in a conversation with fewer candidates allows them to provide a better experience too.
  4. Extend your influence to positively impact potential investors, community, customers and job seekers to do business with your people.
  5. Proactively respond to people on their channel of choice. If they take the time tio engage with you, consider it a gift and acknoledge their feedback.
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